Ezra Levant Fights Back in Canada
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The de-Canadianization of Canada has gone hand in glove with a decrease of freedom of speech in that country. But it's encouraging to see that there are Canadians who are fighting back. Case in point is Ezra Levant, Canadian writer, lawyer, and conservative activist. As publisher of the now defunct Western Standard, Levant reprinted the Danish Muhammed cartoons, which offended Syed Soharwardy of the"Islamic Supreme Council of Canada".

Thanks to Soharwardy's complaints about the cartoon reprints and Levant's criticism of Islam, Levant was hauled before the "Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission" this month, where he gave a principled defense of his rights and attacked the injustice of the commission. You can view his opening statement here . Levant bases his defense in part on the 800 year heritage of British Common Law and charges that the Human Rights Commission is "applying Saudi values, not Canadian values". Click here for Levant's website.[VDARE.com Note: Litigious Canadian Muslims take note—Allan Wall lives TWO countries south of Canada.]

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