Black Philadelphia Security Guard Arrested for YouTube Threat
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A black Philadelphia hospital security guard who hates police has been arrested for for apparently uttering threats in a YouTube video made by his twelve year old son. Radley Balko of Reason  thinks this is a violation of his First Amendment rights. Of course, since Andre Moore is a licensed security guard, he's one of the few people in Philadelphia with the right to carry a gun.

The original YouTube video has been pulled, this is a news story:

Apparently the video was on the account of YouTube user "lildre502" who posted this equally police hating video with no guns, and the somewhat pitiful plea "plese dont get mad at me and dont send me any bad comments my dad is makeing me do this ," suggesting that the writer has been "left behind" by the educational system—the video features strong language:

See also this clip, which would appear to be "lildre502" —possibly Moore's 12-year old son—demonstrating his gun handling skills:

And finally, the press reports keep saying Andre Moore was demonstrating how to shoot someone with a "Colt 275." While Moore used that phrase himself, but far as I know, there is no such thing as a "Colt 275." The gun in the videos looks more like a stainless steel Beretta. If anyone can positively identify it, please let me know.

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