"Black People, Frankly": Three Black Males Arrested For Roving Gun Battle Ending In Death Of 13-Year Old White Girl Landry Anglin
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“Black people, frankly.”

Blake Masters, you have no idea how right you are

Well, it turns out three black males are responsible for the wanton murder of Landry Anglin. They were engaged in a rolling shootout, when one of the bullets they fired struck her as she was inside the presumed safety of her home.

3 arrested in connection to south Shreveport teen’s death; teen’s father speaks out, KSLA.com, June 8, 2022
Shreveport Police Department’s Violent Crime investigators have arrested three suspects believed to have been involved in the shooting death of Landry Anglin on May 1.

The 13-year-old was in a house in the 4500 block of Fairfield Avenue when a stray bullet from a rolling shootout hit her. She was taken to a Shreveport hospital where she died at 2:42 p.m.

SPD was able to identify two suspects, Kenmicchael Ray, 23, and Gavontay Johnson, 28. They obtained warrants for the offense of illegal use of a firearm relating to the investigation. Both suspects fled to Texas, but on May 4, members of the U.S. Marshals Violent Offender Task Force captured Ray and Johnson in Arlington, Texas. They both were then extradited back to Caddo Parish and after a more extensive investigation, SPD was able to obtain another warrant charging Ray with one count of second-degree murder.

On May 7, Keara Russell, 23, of Irving, Texas, was also arrested for failure to report certain felonies and careless operations.

“The Shreveport Police Department would like to thank the community for the tremendous outpour of information. The information that was provided was instrumental in the investigation of this case,” stated SPD in a news release.

KSLA spoke with Landry’s father, Bobby Anglin, about the recent arrests. He said SPD has continued to keep in touch with this family and gave them as much information as possible without jeopardizing the case. Anglin said he feels some relief with the official arrests, but he thinks justice is still a long way off.

“I’m not saying that it brought any closure to us in my family, but it was good. I’ve told everybody that I can talk to that whatever I need to do as a father, as a citizen of this city to help in anyway I can, that I will. But we pray for this city and pray for leadership that will hold people accountable for these actions,” he said.

Now, at least two of the defendants have already made their first appearances in court. However, formal charges have not been filed yet, according to online court records. That should happen in the coming days.

Until we have a frank conversation about gun violence in America, more and more little girls like Landry Anglin will be victims of black people, frankly.

RIP, Landry.

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