Black Man Yells "I Hate White People", Punches 84-Year Old White Man On New York Train
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A story about why people—especially elderly white people—aren’t enthusiastic about public transit:
Maniac yells ‘I hate white people,’ punches 84-year-old man on subway

by Laura Dimon and Graham Rayman, New York Daily News, August 29, 2017

An 84-year-old man was punched in the head by a subway psycho who said he hates white people, but the plucky victim says he’s taking it in stride and feels sorry for his attacker.

John Stewart was riding a Brooklyn-bound J train after boarding at Sutphin Blvd. in Jamaica on Aug. 23 at about 2:30 p.m. when, he said, he dropped his cane onto another straphanger’s legs.

“I was trying to hold my cane and the pole at the same time. Apparently my cane fell on his legs and that’s what upset him. But I don’t condemn him,” he said.

As the train rolled into the Woodhaven Blvd. stop, the straphanger stood up and slammed him in the right side of the head.

“I hate white people and I hope they burn in hell!” the unhinged straphanger shouted.

“I’m not blaming him. I’m blaming the societies that put him in this situation. I think our society really has to get it together and ask real honest questions. There are a lot of hurting people out there,” Stewart told the Daily News Tuesday.

“If I was a betting man I’d say this boy has never gone fishing with his father.”[More]

Stewart, who obviously loves Big Brother, waited five days to report the attack. This is not good thinking—you can forgive people for what they do to you, but letting guys like that wander around is dangerous to society. His next elderly victim may actually die from being punched.

In answer to question that should have been answered in the headline, here is Paragraph Thirteen, the final paragraph in the Daily News story:

She described the suspect as black, about 5-foot-7, in his mid-20s, wearing a red shirt, black jean shorts, small box braids and a beard.
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