Elderly White Man Beaten On Washington Metro Escalator By Black Youth In Hoodie
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metrobeating0428[1]At first this beating looks like it might be another round of the knock-out game, but alas, it's more involved, according to The Washington Post.

Metro Transit Police said they are looking for a man who is shown in a surveillance video punching another man and knocking him down on an escalator in the rail system.

Police said the man shown in the video allegedly assaulted a 69-year-old man Friday around 1 p.m. at the Eastern Market station.

The man victim told police he was pushed by another man as he got off the train. The two then engaged in a verbal altercation on an escalator at the stop. The victim told authorities that the other man then punched him in the face with a closed fist. In the video, the victim is seen falling down on the escalator.

So, after the raceless suspect shoved the raceless victim on exiting the subway train, the raceless suspect assaulted the raceless victim at the top of an escalator

Perhaps some raceless reporter will do a story about raceless thugs and their rage against elderly raceless people.


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