Black Lives Matter Gunman Shoots Boston Cops, Two Badly Wounded, Nine Others Hurt
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A black Boston Constable ran amok with a rifle and shot eleven Boston police officers. In the photograph above, provided by, he 's black.'s "5 Fast Facts You Need to Know" series rarely provides the most important fact about a mass shooter: his race, and whether he's an immigrant. But they do provide photographs, so there's that.
A gun battle raged at an East Boston home as a city constable with body armor and an assault rifle shot and critically injured two Boston police officers late on October 12, said WMTW-TV.

Kirk Figueroa, 33, of East Boston, was then shot and killed by other officers who ran into the home to drag out their wounded colleagues while undergoing heavy gunfire themselves. Reports say he was a sworn City of Boston constable and co-founder of a security firm whose biography boasts of military and law enforcement experience.

WMTW said the officers are in “extremely critical condition” at a hospital, although other reports varied, either saying they were doing better or clinging to life.

Boston police confirmed the gunman’s identity after what they called a “firefight” in Orient Heights.

A Boston Constable is similar to what in other jurisdictions is called a "Sheriff's Officer"—not the guy who catches criminals, but who serves papers for the county.
WBZ reporter Anna Meiler reported that Figueroa was a sworn City of Boston constable. The Boston Herald reported that Figueroa was sworn into a three-year term not set to expire until 2019.

The Boston Globe reported that City Council minutes show Figueroa “was approved to be a constable by the council in April 13 following a background investigation by Boston police” and was approved “on a voice vote as a constable,” allowing him to “serve legal papers connected to civil litigation.”

In 2006, reported that constables “carry badges and have arrest powers” and that nearly half had previously been arrested themselves. The city currently has 150 constables.

Police Commissioner William Evans told the Boston Globe that Figueroa started firing after officers arrived at a home where a domestic disturbance was occurring in the East Boston neighborhood of the city.

“Domestic calls, as you know, are probably the most volatile. You never really know what you’re walking into,” Evans said, according to The Globe. “And I think we see right now the dangers of our job.”

NECN said the domestic disturbance was a dispute between roommates.


This is another Black Lives Matter shooting, like Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Ismaaiyl Brinsley's murder of two Brooklyn cops—President Obama has more blood on his hands. Not only will the Main Stream Media not say that—it'll take them a while to admit he was black at all—but Conservatism Inc won't either.

A previous Black Lives Matter shooting in Dallas caused cuckservative David French to delete his Drudge app when Drudge pointed this out.


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