Black Doctors Claiming "Genocide", Saying White Doctors Will "Let Blacks Die"—Despite Elderly Whites Being Real "Hardest Hit"
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When it comes to black people whining about the Coronavirus disproportionately impacting their community, we are not only expected to believe race isn’t a social construct (normally, we are told to believe it is on a daily basis), but the virus from Wuhan is specifically targeting black people causing the so-called disparities [Lead NIH coronavirus researcher suggested pandemic could be ‘genocide’, said doctors would let blacks die, Fox News, April 19, 2020]:

If one story illustrates why the black community is purportedly being hit harder, this tale out of Pensacola, Florida is all you need to read.

Police break up large Easter party in Florida due to coronavirus safety guidelines,, April 14, 2020

Pensacola Police broke up a large Easter gathering in Pensacola, Florida Sunday evening that was taking place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

WEAR received a tip about a large Easter party happening in the Attucks Court community in Pensacola.

Our news crew captured video from afar of a large gathering of about 150-200 people — this despite social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic and a “Safer at Home” order implemented by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Channel 3 spoke to several attendees at the event who shared no concerns about the coronavirus or the need to social distance. Only a handful of the attendees were wearing masks. An event organizer said the party was an Easter cookout for kids in the community.

“Why are we going to be scared to come outside when we don’t even know what we’re looking for?” said Wilbert McNeal, one of the party’s organizers. “Corona, COVID-19 — it ain’t coming this way.”

Channel 3 spoke to the Pensacola Police Department about the large gathering.

Officer Mike Wood tells us Pensacola Police sent officers out to the party. Chief Tommi Lyter was also on scene.

“It took our officers about two hours to end the party,” Wood said.

Wood says the party was dispersed by about 7 p.m. No citations were issued and no arrests were made.

“The officers were really just educating those at the party about the importance of social distancing,” Wood said. “Many of those in attendance were young and we were trying to explain to them that while they may think they’re not at high risk for the virus, they can bring it home to their older family members.”

Wood says many attendees left the party after the officers spoke to them.

Wood also says if a Pensacola resident witnesses a large gathering, they can call the police department and they will send officers out to help disperse it.

“Why are we going to be scared to come outside when we don’t even know what we’re looking for? Corona, COVID-19 — it ain’t coming this way.”

Again, it’s all white people’s fault for the highly publicized racial disparities in Coronavirus deaths. Don’t believe me? Check out Dr. Ebony Hilton [Email herwho Tweeted:

2,804 Americans died yesterday from #COVID19. Blacks have mortality rates nearly 3 times other races. Systemic racism leading to increased risk of chronic illnesses along with being the bulk of “essential workers” puts us at greater risk. “Opening the economy” costs us our life.

This Tweet was not from a parody account.

When the Coronavirus/China Virus/Wuhan Virus hysteria fades away and America opens back up, we will see an increased attempt to blame white people, systemic racism, implicit bias, the historical legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and environmental racism as the reason for the so-called racial disparities in deaths among blacks.

Regardless of the facts… yes, whites are dying at rates exceeding blacks.

Race is only a social construct, until billions of dollars can be extorted from white taxpayers and siphoned directly to people of color. Then race is all that matters, especially when the corporate media can inculcate whites into believing people of color “disproportionately” dying is all because of white racism.

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