Black 60's Communist Angela Davis Declares African Invasion of Europe 'The Movement of the 21st Century'
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Angela Davis [Email her]  60's radical, former president of the Communist Party USA, and Professor Emeritus of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz,  has declared that the African invasion of Europe is "THE movement of the 21st century," to the shock of those who thought Communism and its grasping leaders were dead.

According to Refugee Resettlement Watch, the professional Left is working hard to disarm Europeans trying to use the arguments of self-preservation.

From video of the event:

Angela Davis and Gina Dent wanted to visit the refugee occupied school in the Ohlauer Strasse and were denied access by the District authorities.

The day after, on the 15th of May, Angela Davis and Gina Dent met again with refugees and migrants at the Jockel Biergarten. This time to listen, understand and discuss how the struggle for the rights of all people to move freely and have a dignified life is going on in Germany.

We, from the International Women Space, were present in both meetings and stressed about the importance of the women's struggles inside the movement of the people seeking asylum.

The Left uses the word "dignity" to rout the opposition: Conservatism, Inc. is quick to announce it supports the dignity of all individuals before complaining about the consequences of liberalism. To which the Left responds, if you support dignity, you must accept this or that group, be it Muslims, gays, or illegal aliens into your society — or you're a racist. Then the MLK-worshipping conservatives fold, and with Tarquin's ravishing strides towards its design the Left moves like a ghost.

Of course, should the "refugee" "movement" succeed, they will turn Europe into the same backwater hellhole they left behind. But Davis and the like believe that come the revolution, they will be safely cocooned inside government-created jobs while their hated providers toil forever on behalf of the Parasite Class.

Worse still: if what National Geographic predicts comes to pass, we'll all look like Angela Davis.

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