Birthright Citizenship Press Conference Disrupted By "Activists"
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Here's a video of a Birthright Citizenship press conference being disrupted by "activists" It's up on Drudge. At around 1:40 the girl demands to know "which corporate backers wrote this bill?" It really says something about these people's minds that they could seriously believe the Chamber Of Commerce is secretly pushing anti immigration legislation. Has anyone ever tried to explain to people like this that they're agents of the establishment? And that it's the "nativists" who are the real radicals? My guess is it they'd be completely incapable of processing it.[ note: They seem to feel that the inscription on the Statue Of Liberty should override the wishes of the voters.]
Activists Disrupt Immigration Press Conference Birthright citizenship event gets physical in Washington. 01/05/2011
Notice how its whites doing this? Maybe I'm wrong here, but it seems like before the Arizona law the immigration issue didn't really ever register with the SWPL crowd. States had been passing laws for years but you mainly only saw Mexicans doing stuff like this. The white lefties were all out fighting for gay rights or what not. Let's hope they get bored with this real fast.

More:The press conference being disrupted is by State Legislators For Legal Immigration.

The event, minus rowdiness is State Legislators For Legal Immigration - State Lawmakers Convened in D.C. to Deliver Historic, Nationwide Correction to the 14th Amendment Misapplication.

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