Biracial South African Appointed Host of Daily Show; Still Not Diverse Enough
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Trevor Noah, a biracial South African, is the new host of the Daily Show.
Instead, the comedian has made his name in large part outside of the United States. He has hosted several shows in his native South Africa, where he was born to a black South African woman and a white Swiss man, whose relationship was illegal under Apartheid. When the New York Times spoke to him, he was on a comedy tour in Dubai. He speaks six languages.

Like John Oliver, Noah, who comes Jon Stewart–approved, often turns his outsider’s perspective into comedy. In his first appearance on The Daily Show, he asked Stewart to play a game of “Spot the Africa,” in which he had to distinguish between photos of Africa and photos of the United States.

[Meet the New Host of the Daily Showby Forrest Wickman, Slate, March 30, 2015]

A great deal of Noah's humor plays with stereotypes and questions of race.  His specials include Thats Racist and The Racist.  

But on the Daily Show, he falls back on good old fashioned White Guilt.  Laugh at the video below, or you're a racist.

Jon Stewart's comedy has largely faltered since George W. Bush has been out of office and he's been following the SJW trend of simply trying to shame people and falling back on tropes of "LOL white people."  It could be argued that putting Noah in charge (along with Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, who replaced white minstrel Stephen Colbert) is a nod towards the new focus on identity politics instead of by the numbers Democratic leftism.

The problem with identity politics of course is that the goalposts are always shifting.

Though many will be happy that Noah is not just another white man on late night, others will be disappointed that the trend of nearly all-male late-night hosts continues
Welcome to the Daily Show Trevor Noah, you cisgendered sexist pig.
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