Bipartisan Group Of Congressmen Plotting In Secret—Should The FBI Be Alerted?
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The Senate Gang Of 8's plan was developed in secret, out of the public eye, and a bipartisan group of Congressmen is apparently plotting—literally plotting—something similar.

Jan 28, 2013 5:17pm

As a group of senators unveil their bipartisan proposal for immigration reform today and President Obama heads west this week to rally support for his own ideas, a separate bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives is on the verge of finalizing its own designs for comprehensive immigration reform.

The discussions, which top aides close to the talks discussed on the condition that they not be identified, are described as “Washington’s best-kept secret.”

Last week, House Speaker John Boehner spilled the beans on the secret group, revealing that the lawmakers had been “meeting for three or four years now” and that they are almost ready to present their proposals publicly.[More]

This kind of secret plotting isn't going to be good for the American people. We know that bipartisan initiatives are frequently a de facto conspiracy against the American people.

However, this secret meeting sounds like it could be a de jure conspiracy as well, given a creative prosecutor. (God knows there are a lot of them out there.) Businessmen would of course be looking at antitrust prosecutions if they did this, but perhaps the GOP representatives, if the FBI can find them, could be indicted for "honest services fraud."

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