Eric Cantor Amnesty Address: This Can't Be Good
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Cantor to outline House GOP agenda with softer tone
Catalina Camia, USA TODAY 12:01p.m. EST February 5, 2013

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Tuesday will outline an agenda for Republicans that aims to strike a more personal approach to government policy in what is being billed as a major address.

I wonder if "Ellis Island" will be mentioned in any way?

Cantor will stress that a top priority this year will be to "move heaven and earth" to improve education. In a nod to an upcoming battle on immigration, the House majority leader will also stress the desire of people around the world who want to come to the United States for science and technology jobs.

He will make a nod to the challenge within the Republican Party to revamp the nation's immigration system without rewarding people who break the law by entering the United States illegally. A fight is expected over a bipartisan Senate proposal that would create a pathway to citizenship, which some conservatives are calling amnesty.

"We must balance respect for the rule of law and respect for those waiting to enter this country legally, with care for people and families, most of whom just want to make a better life and contribute to America," Cantor will say.[More]

What about people already in America who want to make a better life and see their jobs being taken by immigrants?

What about the desire of people of students in the United States for science and technology jobs at American wages? And how can you get a " softer tone" than surrender and amnesty?

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