Bill De Blasio, Having Failed In New York, Takes Leftism On The Road
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When last heard from, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio was collapsing in the face of the NYPD de facto mutiny that followed the murder of two cops in Brooklyn last December. Apparently, NYC just isn’t ready for reform. So, the mayor of New York City is taking his act on the road to Iowa. From the New York Times:

Mayor de Blasio, on Midwest Trip, Hopes to Lead a National Shift to the Left


OMAHA — Mayor Bill de Blasio, dismayed by a Democratic Party that he believes has moved too slowly to embrace a populist platform, arrived in the Midwest on Wednesday with an audacious mission: leading the nation leftward.

On a two-day tour of Nebraska and Iowa — more than 1,200 miles from the New York City Hall where he has presided for 15 months — Mr. de Blasio is seeking to transcend his relative obscurity and jump-start a countrywide movement to promote liberal policies like raising taxes on the rich. …

Mr. de Blasio’s aides did not anticipate the fierceness of the backlash to his comments about Mrs. Clinton, according to several people familiar with their thinking, but the episode underscored the notion that he could be positioned as the standard-bearer for the American left.

That is an image the mayor is keen to cultivate. A profile in Rolling Stone magazine is in the works.

Read that sentence again.

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