Biden Explains That We Must Stop Stigmatizing Men Who Spread AIDS While Sodomizing Men To Whom They've Furnished Dirty Heroin Needles
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From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Biden says HIV/AIDS strategy needs to confront inequity

Associated Press
Dec. 1, 2021

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled his new HIV/AIDS strategy to end the more than 40-year-old epidemic, calling for a renewed focus on vulnerable Americans — including gay and bisexual Black and Latino men, who his administration says are too often stigmatized even as they are disproportionately affected.

The new strategy, which declares racism a “public health threat,” was released on the annual commemoration of World AIDS Day. It is meant to serve as a framework for how the administration shapes its policies, research, programs and planning over the next three years.

But Biden acknowledged that the country still needs to work to destigmatize HIV/AIDS

After all, what’s more respectable than getting AIDS while shooting heroin while being sodomized by some guy you met 10 minutes before in the ARCO restroom?

and noted that LGBT and racial minority groups have “endured the brunt” of the epidemic that’s killed more than 36 million worldwide, including 700,000 Americans.

“I want to make sure that everyone in the United States knows their HIV status,

I know mine, even without a test: negative.

and everyone with HIV receives high-quality care and treatment that they deserve and that we end the harmful stigma around HIV and AIDS,” Biden said.

We need to destigmatize random sodomy and heroin injection. That’s the only way we can have less HIV.

The new strategy asserts that over generations “structural inequities have resulted in racial and ethnic health disparities that are severe, far-reaching, and unacceptable.”

Structural inequities forced gay black men to have shoot heroin while being sodomized. It’s not as if they liked injecting heroin while being sodomized, it’s that it’s straight white people’s fault.

Today’s HIV treatments not only can give people with the AIDS virus a near-normal life expectancy, they can make those patients less likely to infect other people. There are also medications that can help protect healthy people who are at risk from their infected sexual partners, a strategy known as “pre-exposure prophylaxis” or PreP.

New HIV infections in the U.S. fell about 8% from 2015 to 2019. But Black and Latino communities — particularly gay and bisexual men within those groups — continue to be disproportionately affected, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

African Americans make up about 13% of the U.S. population but accounted for more than 40% of new infections. The Latino population accounted for nearly 25% of new infections but makes up about 18.5% of the U.S. population.

It’s almost as if blacks and Hispanics are more irresponsibly hedonistic than whites and Asians.

Historically, gay and bisexual men have been the most disproportionately affected group.

Ya think?

They account for about 66% of new HIV infections, even though they are only 2% of the population, according to the CDC.

Man, straight white men are evil if they are giving the 2% of the population that is gay and male 66% of the HIV infections.

In 2019, 26% of new HIV infections were among Black gay and bisexual men, 23% among Latino gay and bisexual men, and 45% among gay and bisexual men under the age of 35.

Disparities also persist among women.

But not among lesbians for some inexplicable reason. The Theory of Intersectionality explaining that black lesbians must be the most victimized by AIDS, except, it turns out, they are not. How come? Perhaps its due to the theory of intersectionality being utterly useless and… …does not compute…Crimestop Routine activate…shutting down processing.

Black women’s HIV infection rate is 11 times that of white women and four times that of Latina women.

It’s almost as if a lot of black men are on the down low and thus are endangering black women. But we know that can’t be because black men are Good while white men are Bad.

To reduce the disparities, the strategy includes calls for focusing on the needs of disproportionately affected populations, supporting racial justice, combating HIV-related stigma and discrimination and providing leadership and employment opportunities for people with or at risk for HIV.

Besides addressing racism’s impact on Americans battling the virus or at risk of contracting it, the new strategy also puts greater emphasis on harm reduction and syringe service programs, encourages reform of state laws that criminalize behavior of people with HIV for potentially exposing others

After all, what could cut down on HIV infections more than legalizing infecting with HIV some guy you didn’t bother to tell you are infected with HIV before you sodomized him?

and adds focus on the needs of the growing population of people with HIV who are aging.

Biden expressed disbelief that some states have laws on the book that criminalize spitting in public by HIV-positive people even though it has long been proven that the virus can’t be transmitted through saliva.

What can be a higher legal, health, and moral priority than legalizing HIV-infected individuals spitting on passersby?

Thirty-five states have laws that criminalize various forms of HIV exposure, according to the CDC.

Follow The Science! Sodomy is Good, so therefore, guys infected with HIV who infect others by sodomizing them are Good. And their victims are bad.

“We have to follow science and that means eliminating laws that perpetuate discrimination, exacerbate disparities, discourage HIV testing and take us further away from our goal,” Biden said.

The important thing is to promote and punish people based on who they are, not what they do. A gay man who infects with AIDS other men by sodomizing them while supplying them with dirty heroin needles is still a Gay Male Heroin Addict with AIDS, i.e., a Good Guy.

Very few sodomite junkies voted for Trump, and what else counts?

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