Biden Chief-Of-Staff Ron Klain Tried To Steal 2000 Election From Bush, Played By Kevin Spacey In RECOUNT
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Earlier, by Ann Coulter: The Democrats’ Guide to Losing Gracefully

New Biden chief-of-staff Ron Klain was played in the 2008 movie Recount by Kevin Spacey, so you just know Klain’s a trustworthy kind of guy.

Klain was Al Gore’s chief of staff in 1995-1999 (iirc) and he still appears sore about the failure of Gore’s 35 days of trying to overthrow the results of the 2000 election:

But Klain’s refusal 14 years later to admit his guy lost is not “undermining democracy” because the whole point of democracy is to elect Democrats. If democracy fails to elect a Democrat then it’s not democracy. QED.

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