Belgium Grenade Attack—Terrorism Ruled Out, The Real Story Is Immigrant Mass Murder
December 15, 2011, 03:43 AM
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Here`s a headline that may be puzzling to some people:

Belgium: Terrorism ruled out as motive for Liege rampage, The Scotsman, Thursday 15 December 2011 00:05

The non-terrorist attacked a crowd of white Belgians with grenades and automatic weapons,"which left more than 100 injured and five dead including the killer, " so you may wonder why it`s not terrorism. The answer is this:

if a man is a mad killer of foreign birth or extraction, and not involved with other mad killers of foreign birth or extraction, and he goes out one morning and starts killing people, it`s not terrorism, it`s Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.

That`s what happened in Belgium with Nordine Amrani. Belgians are divided—strongly divided—into Flemings and Walloons. Flemings are similar to Dutchmen, and Walloons are similar to Frenchmen.

Nordine Amrani was a Moroccan criminal, similar neither, but more akin to, say, Arab terrorists. A lifelong criminal, with both drug and gun habits, he`s the result of post-World War II immigration to Belgium:

Profile: Liege mass killer Nordine Amrani

Life-long felon

Amrani was born in the Ixelles district of Brussels on 15 November 1978, of Moroccan extraction.

A welder by profession, he was constantly in trouble with the law, Liege chief prosecutor Cedric Visart de Bocarme said.

"He was a felon who had been in trouble all his life: youth court, criminal court, courts of appeal," he said.

In fact, in some ways he fit exactly the profile Ghamil Gharbi/Marc Lepine who committed a famous mass murder in Canada in 1989.