Belgium Grenade Attack—Terrorism Ruled Out, The Real Story Is Immigrant Mass Murder
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Here's a headline that may be puzzling to some people:

Belgium: Terrorism ruled out as motive for Liege rampage, The Scotsman, Thursday 15 December 2011 00:05

The non-terrorist attacked a crowd of white Belgians with grenades and automatic weapons,"which left more than 100 injured and five dead including the killer, " so you may wonder why it's not terrorism. The answer is this:

if a man is a mad killer of foreign birth or extraction, and not involved with other mad killers of foreign birth or extraction, and he goes out one morning and starts killing people, it's not terrorism, it's Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome.

That's what happened in Belgium with Nordine Amrani. Belgians are divided—strongly divided—into Flemings and Walloons. Flemings are similar to Dutchmen, and Walloons are similar to Frenchmen.

Nordine Amrani was a Moroccan criminal, similar neither, but more akin to, say, Arab terrorists. A lifelong criminal, with both drug and gun habits, he's the result of post-World War II immigration to Belgium:

Profile: Liege mass killer Nordine Amrani

Life-long felon

Amrani was born in the Ixelles district of Brussels on 15 November 1978, of Moroccan extraction.

A welder by profession, he was constantly in trouble with the law, Liege chief prosecutor Cedric Visart de Bocarme said.

"He was a felon who had been in trouble all his life: youth court, criminal court, courts of appeal," he said.

In fact, in some ways he fit exactly the profile Ghamil Gharbi/Marc Lepine who committed a famous mass murder in Canada in 1989.

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