Beautiful Wife Of Texan Judge Busted For Smuggling Illegals: Not Newsworthy Enough For Drudge
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H/T One Old Vet.

This is a classic:

Sandra Lee Miller, 41, is the wife of a Justice of the Peace, and has recently run for public office herself. She has been charged with bringing in and harboring illegal immigrants…

The U.S. Border Patrol said there were nine illegal immigrants in the vehicle, from Ecuador, Honduras and Guatemala…

The complaint filed against Miller said she aided, abetted and assisted in the transport of illegal immigrants, which is a federal crime…

 Miller allegedly asked a woman named Maria Guerra to come to her house in Sarita, TX, to help translate for some illegal immigrants...

The affidavit said Miller offered Guerra $100 to help transport the illegal immigrants to Houston. Miller was to be paid $500 for each...

Judge's Wife Arrested Transporting Illegal Immigrants July 03, 2012

Sarita, TX is in 79% Hispanic Kenedy County, about as far south as it is possible to get in America. Sandra Lee Miller’s husband is Jerry W. Miller.

We already know the Texan Establishment is treasonous. For me the national significance of this story is that despite its dramatic human (and visual!) interest it has been dodged by the Drudge Report. As have others recently. As with avoiding the Derbyshire atrocity, an ideological line is clearly being followed, and orders are to damp down the immigration issue to avoid embarrassing the GOP Establishment.

Riling up the serfs about Black crimes is a different matter.

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