"Basically The Plot Of The Purge"—Leftists Hating On Stephen Miller (And VDARE.com)
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The NYT has a story called  An architect of Trump’s hard-line immigration policies claims that Biden is ‘a radical outlier.’ by Michael Crowley, October 28, 2020. It's full of Democrat talking point BS like

Mr. Miller also claimed, without evidence, that Mr. Biden’s intention to reverse a sweeping Trump administration travel ban would allow potential terrorists to enter the U.S.

This is a ban on immigrants from Muslim countries, and of course it would allow "potential terrorists" to enter the US—all immigrants from Muslim countries are potential terrorists, and most Muslim terrorists in America are here as a result of mass immigration. And Joe has promised to reverse it on the first day in office.

A blog calling itself The New Civil Rights Movement responded to this New York Times report with a post titled ‘Basically Describing the Plot of The Purge’: Stephen Miller Spins Stunning Lies About Biden on Trump Campaign Call, by David Badash, October 28, 2020.

Miller also claimed Biden “would incentivize child smuggling and child trafficking on an epic global scale,” CNN’s DL Judd adds, which is a staggering and unsubstantiated lie. 

Judd also reports that “with the president’s refusal to condemn the dangerous Q Anon conspiracy theory, which baseless accuses a number of public figures of child trafficking, Miller’s comments on Biden are all the more dangerous.”

Daily Beast Contributing Editor Justin Baragona weighs in on Miller’s lie:


This wrong: the Qanon people are worried by people like Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polanski, trafficking teenage girls in high-class settings. The children being trafficked at the border are Mexican children being trafficked by their parents and relatives, and smuggled by coyotes.

This guy is a professional LA Times writer who is shocked by what Miller said about Biden's immigration plan:

The thing is, Open Borders, abolishing ICE, and letting 11-20 million foreigners suddenly become American citizens is a  “a radical outlier in the whole of human civilization" which has been organized into separate countries since at least the Treaty of Westphalia,  October 24, 1648.

Apparently wanting your country to operate on the same principle as every country everywhere in the world is "white nationalism".

The people at the New Civil Rights Movement link this article to an earlier one on their site:

Leaked Stephen Miller Emails Show How His Frightening ‘Affinity for White Nationalism’ Permeates Trump Administration, November 12, 2019

This "affinity" language is the same used by The Guardian in their recent attack on Miller, and of course, it comes from Michael Edison Hayden's 2019 attack on Miller, based on leaked emails, and which I debunked here, saying:

But I must let you know what horrifying things Miller included in private emails about immigration subjects—especially since the $PLC refuses to link to them directly, but linked to Archive.is versions instead. (But we got traffic anyway, so the  $PLC can suck it):

That’s it. That’s all there is.

And a weird guilt-by-non-association attack, the SPLC’s Hayden said Miller was talking like VDARE.com—or to put it another way, like any normal person who's studied immigration.

That's what the New Civil Rights Movement thinks, too—if you know about immigrant crime, and want to stop it, you're a white nationalist.

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