Based Japanese Deport North Korean Refugees
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Japan acted in its own national interest recently—it deported several North Korean fishermen who ostensibly washed up on its shores and it decided to criminally prosecute several others who stole property from a largely uninhabited island.  The Norks even stole a door knob.
Six of 10 North Korean "fishermen" rescued from a tiny wooden boat drifting off northern Japan will be deported back to their country, an immigration official told AFP Tuesday.

Three of the crew have been arrested on suspicion of theft after they reportedly admitted to "taking out" electronic products from a remote Japanese island where they landed briefly to take refuge.

They are suspected of stealing a variety of items — including fridges, TV sets and even a door knob.

The ten men were first spotted by the coast guard as their dilapidated boated drifted into waters off the island of Hokkaido.

[Six N Korean Crew Members To Be Deported, AFP/Japan Today, December 12, 2017]

Now you would think that, of all cases of asylum, refugees from North Korea would be the most legitimate.  They live in a totalitarian socialist dictatorship where there are no freedoms of speech, religion, or property.  These men might be some of the most legitimate asylum applicants in the world, unlike what the United States gets; fake refugees claiming they are victims of crime from Central America and Mexico with many criminals themselves, false claims of religious persecution from Syria, Bangladeshi colonists unhappy they are unwelcome in Burma, Jewish gangsters from the former Soviet Union, and ethnic Nepalese deported from Bhutan.

However the Japanese are thinking in the long-term.  Given their immediate criminal activity upon landing on a Japanese island, the Japanese quickly determined that these Norks would not be a good match for either living in the well ordered society Japan has. And the fact that they landed on one island, then proceeded to putter around Japan for a while before running out of fuel suggests that they really don't have a colorable claim to asylum.  If I was a Nork fisherman, I certainly would not on landing in a free country, stolen something, I would have kissed the ground, then applied for asylum.  Obviously these fishermen don't care much about political freedom in the DPRK.

More importantly though, the Japanese have learned their lesson about Koreans, and immigrants in general, they don't acculturate.  When in Japan they remain Korean, clinging to not only their culture, but the DPRK state ideology as well.

A pro-Pyongyang organization plans to pay damages for property lost from a remote fishing hut on behalf of arrested North Korean crewmen, an informed source said.

The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, known as Chongryon, will pay the money to the owner of the hut on an uninhabited island off Hokkaido, as it wants three North Koreans arrested on suspicion of stealing a power generator and seven other crewmen to return home as soon as possible, the source said.

A lawyer representing the crewmen made the offer Thursday to the owner, a local fishery cooperative, the source said. The cooperative will discuss the matter as soon as Monday and is likely to accept the offer.

An official at the Chongryon office in Hokkaido said it had no comment at this stage.

[Pro-Pyongyang Body To Pay For Damages On N Korean Crewmen's Behalf, Japan Today, December 24, 2017]

So, instead of condemning the criminal activity by their fellow Koreans, those Koreans living in Japan from the Chongryon organization decided to act to protect their criminal fellow nationals.  Note especially that Chongryon represents not just  Koreans who immigrated to Japan, but those who have lived their and their descendants who were living in Japan since 1910 when Japan overthrew the decrepit Korean monarchy, a puppet state of Imperial China.

This failure to assimilate is similar to current crops of immigrants, such as Mexicans, in the United States whose loyalty is to Mexico not the United States.  Chongryon is the equivalent of Mexican interference in American politics.  It and the Koreans it represents are an alien presence and lobby in Japan.

The Japanese see this, and decided that even though Koreans are racially similar to Japanese  (the Japanese being descendant of peoples who crossed the Tsushima Strait separating the Korean peninsula from the Japanese archipelago 2,000 years ago)   Japanese and Korean cultures are as different as French and German, and we know how that goes.

The Japanese understand something so fundamental.  The Japanese want Japan to remain Japanese, not become Korean or Somali, so they keep the gaijin out, at least as immigrants, as they see what has happened in their past,

Koreans don't assimilate, and they see that the unassimilable Muslim immigrants of today won't either.

Go To 50 Seconds In For The Japanese View On Refugees
The Japanese have solved the refugee problem, just don't let them in.  While the United States might not be able to go that far, e can significantly reduce such admissions by reducing the quota (Thanks President Trump), increased fraud and terrorist vetting (Thanks again President Trump), and deporting criminal aliens who try to game the asylum system like the Japanese just did.
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