Diversity is strength-it is also FRAUD
December 23, 2008, 11:27 PM
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Lisa Fernandez writes at the San Jose Mercury News:
A one-time computer salesman who rose through the ranks to help build Fry`s Electronics into a robust retailer is facing allegations that he defrauded the San Jose company out of $65 million, much of which he used to pay off enormous gambling debts in Las Vegas.

Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, 42, who goes by "Omar" and was Fry`s vice president of merchandising and operations, appeared Monday in federal court, where prosecutors filed a complaint alleging he masterminded a "secret kickback scheme to defraud Fry`s Electronics of millions of dollars."[Fry`s exec accused of $65 million fraud to pay off gambling debts, December 22, 2008]

I haven`t found any hard biography on Siddiqui—so I`m not sure of his immigration status. It is pretty clear to anyone that has visited a Fry`s store in Silicon Valley or Seattle that Fry`s is a pretty immigration intensive operation in their hiring practices. As a patron there, I`ve found it hard at times to find a native English speaker to get service from. According to the Wikipedia article on Fry`s, Siddiqui was one of the top 5 people-and one of two of the top 5 who wasn`t a member of the family that founded the closely held corporation.

It sounds like Siddiqui`s American Dream was something of a nightmare:

A woman who appeared in court on Siddiqui`s behalf declined to comment. During the court hearing, conversations in court also revealed that Siddiqui has no close family; he is estranged from his siblings and his parents are deceased. He has no wife or children, and according to his civil attorney, who appeared as a "friend of the court," Siddiqui has several casinos after him to pay off gambling debts.
I don`t think the US government is doing a favor to the American people or the immigrants themselves admitting folks who can`t become well integrated into some American community. A life centered around money is a hollow one—and a nation centered around money isn`t really a nation.