Bar Exams (Reality) Vs Diversity
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A surprisingly frank discussion of affirmative action from Instapundit:

July 19, 2011

THE IMPACT OF STIFFER BAR PASSAGE REQUIREMENTS on law school diversity. Bar passage, it turns out, correlates pretty closely with LSAT scores - not surprisingly, as they’re both big tests with a lot of multiple-choice questions - and affirmative action students, by definition, tend to have lower LSAT scores. My prediction is that the ultimate result will be intense pressure from law schools for the dumbing-down of bar exams.

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The problem with affirmative action is that it eventually runs up against reality.

When affirmative action is applied to bar exams, it will produce lawyers who aren’t very good, and that will cause more bad lawyering, which will lead to, for example, criminals appealing their convictions because of “ineffective assistance of counsel.”

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