Julie Myers Has A Vision...Sort Of.
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Oh yes, Ms. Myers has a vision for ICE...should she be confirmed, that is: "If confirmed, here is my vision for ICE...a new ICE culture."

In FY2004, border patrol agents arrested 1.2 million illegal aliens including 643 “special interest” aliens.

(The statistics I have read suggest for every illegal alien we capture, 3-4 slip through.)

The new culture envisioned by Myers would include "improved morale" and "better infrastructure."

For the love of creatures great and small - this is our immigration enforcement agency!

Guess what? I don't care if immigration officers feel better about their agency leadership, their co-workers or their office space.

The ability to play well with others in or out of the sandbox is not a skill I look for in an immigration officer.

Skip the Dr. Phil Team Building Marathon and just keep the illegals OUT, ok?

Watch the Committee hearing Webcast here.

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