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Here are few notes from around the blogosphere.

A Canadian girl asks "What if the Americans stayed home?"

From Clayton Cramer:

Great T-Shirt I Saw In The Gym Today

What made it great wasn't just the slogan, but a co-worker who is an immigrant (from Sweden, and about as liberal as you might expect a Swede to be) was wearing it:


A blog called The Bernoulli Effect, who linked to Peter Brimelow's recent speech: What's Up With Immigration Reality

All of this is again meant to reinforce my previous point: that the US has the same absolute right as any other country to regulate immigration in any way it sees fit.

This appears so obvious to me that the continued assertions by the pro-illegal lobby of a God-given right to cross the border at their convenience seem to place them firmly on a path to utter defeat.

Along similar lines, an cycling acquaintance today wrote that he'd had several hispanic truck drivers call him "immigrant" today—as in, "Hey, immigrant, what's up?"

His attitude, and mine, is: keep up the good work and you'll find out exactly what's up.

Did you know that recently, some diversity maniacs in the Washington State Government printed a diversity calendar with the names of a bunch of ethnic celebrities, including Ho Chi Minh, and Isoroku Yamamoto, (R.I.P)which naturally annoyed all the Americans whose friends and relations had been murdered by one or the other.

I mention this only because it's Yamamoto, the Pearl Harbor Admiral, who is credited with saying " I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." How do you say that in Spanish?


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