AZ Governor Jan Brewer Rebounds—Are GOP Hacks Watching?
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Rasmussen Report just released this poll:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, following her signing and passionate defense of the state’s new immigration law, now claims 45% of the vote in the state’s Republican Primary field. That’s a 19-point gain from a month ago and puts her well ahead of all her challengers...

In March, Brewer, Martin and Mills [her opponents] were in a three-way tie, each attracting about 20% of GOP voters....

In late April, 64% of Arizona voters supported the new immigration law despite criticism of it by President Obama and others. Among GOP voters, support stood at 87%.

Brewer's revival seems to be almost a repeat of California Governor Pete Wilson's 1994 resurrection after he embraced Proposition 187 and parallels Steve Poizner's current dramatic surge in the California gubernatorial primary. (All otherwise "moderate" figures, interestingly.) As this happens again and again, even GOP campaign consultants will get the message. Maybe.

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