Ayers Says He And The Reverend Wright Were "Created" By White Supremacists—One Of Whom Was Hillary Clinton
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Kathy Shaidle:

Bill Ayers Claims Calling Him a Terrorist is a White Supremacist Plot
And one of the "white supremacists" is... Hillary Clinton.


Part of that project [to discredit Obama] was to create some shadowy characters that Obama hung out with. A fiery black nationalist preacher. A Palestinian scholar with ties to the PLO. A terrorist who wanted to bring down his government —this was the narrative— and a white preacher who sided with black people again and again. So this is what Hillary Clinton invented and don’t forget she was the one who invented it.

The NewsReal blog does a pretty good job of saying that everything said about Obama's weird leftist friends is true.

However, while Hillary isn't any kind of white supremacist or nationalist, it's true that there was a basic conflict between the candidate for "First Woman" president and the "First Black" president. See The Brothers and Sisters War–Women vs. Blacks In Dem Nomination Fight.



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