Axe Refugee Subsidies: Save $2 Billion
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Refugee Resettlement Watch reports

House voting today on cuts to immigration programs and cuts for refugee funding

MicEvHill (for February 16th) has a whole list of items to possibly be cut and I am overjoyed to see that there is a move to stop all funding for the Diversity Visa Lottery. I just mentioned this incredible program recently that allows tens of thousands of immigrants to simply enter a lottery to add more diversity to America. Just look at the countries sending us DIVERSITY!
As usual, Congress is just fiddling around the edges. In January, Refugee Resettlement Watch estimated the Refugee Program costs more than $2 Billion: So how much does this all cost us? January 29,2011. As has long documented, this racket is a scandal and a disaster.

Time to axe the whole thing.

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