Asian Expediency Again
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The latest Chinese food quality scandal — contaminated milk powder giving kidney stones to 432 Chinese babies, killing one — produced a classic Chinese news byte:

A Chinese dairy that sold milk powder linked to kidney stones in infants and one death knew weeks before it ordered a recall that the product contained a banned chemical, the Health Ministry said Saturday

(Chinese dairy knew milk fault weeks before recall. By JOE McDONALD Associated Press September 13, 2008)

This is an appropriate opportunity to re link to the discussion of Amoral Familialism I used on Thursday. This is the proclivity in certain communities to uncaring damaging and destructive behavior, provided their own family and associates are not hurt. It is very pronounced in Asians.

Thanks to in part to Grace Chung Becker’s predictable Amoral Familialism 19 year-old Jeremiah Munsen goes to Federal prison on Monday for exercising, possibly abrasively, his political birthright of Free Speech.

But it may help Chung Becker be confirmed as Assistant Attorney General, Justice Department Civil Rights Division, and it did help minority interests triumph over those of white Americans. So everything is fine, isn’t it?

(Read Chung Becker’s remarkably frank personal statement of self-seeking ethnocentrism here.)

(Correction: My thanks to RKK, who points out that, to be more correct, I should have said ”amoral famlilism”. Curiously, googling on this does not any more succinct definition: this is the clearest, but it does not address the fact that amoral familism could well be a highly viable social strategy when most of the rest of the population behaves otherwise. Overall, it appears this brilliant insight was slighted as un-PC, even before ”un-PC was an articulated concept.)

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