Sarah-Mania and the National Question
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Barack Obama and Sarah Palin have several things in common. They have both become celebrities, each has star power, and the fans of both Barack and Sarah tend to project their own political fantasies on to their candidate.

Despite some wishful thinking, I've not seen one smidgen of evidence that Sarah Palin is going to be of any help on the  National Question. In fact, Jake Jacobsen at "Freedom Folks" has a blog entry entitled "Alaska: Sanctuary State" which doesn´t sound too hopeful. (The blog entry includes a link to our own Patrick Cleburne).

Jacobsen begins by saying that

Some folks have been wondering where Sarah Palin stands on the issue of illegal immigration, well, unfortunately I´m not sure the news is good.

Jacobsen points out that Alaska is considered a sanctuary state, issues driver´s licenses to illegal aliens, and a new Mexican consulate is scheduled to open in Anchorage.

As for the sanctuary state issue, according to the Sanctuary Cities website , Fairbanks and Anchorage are listed as sanctuaries, but the mayor of the latter disputes that it's a sanctuary city.

It may well be that Sarah Palin just isn´t very concerned about immigration, one way or another. It may just be off her radar screen.

Nevertheless, those who are optimistic about what she might do National Question-wise had better remember one key point.

No matter what her clear views, if any, on the National Question, Sarah Palin is John McCain's running mate. And she's running for Vice-President, not President. So who is she taking orders from ?

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