Mysterious (?) Rapist Targets Older Women in Central Texas
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Eight sexual assaults and four robberies have been connected to one man in Central Texas, whose victims so far have all been women between the ages of 65 to 91. One woman was attacked twice, even after having moved across town. Rapes of elderly women terrify central Texas towns, AP, 1/18/2010. According to the AP, only a "vague description" has been released, and no sketch has been made.

But it doesn't take much imagination to figure this one out: The criminal is "thin, young and dark-skinned man who is between 5 1/2- and 6-feet tall."

The women have been targeted in two small towns: Luling and Yoakum.

Yoakum has a population of 5,469, at least a quarter of which speak Spanish at home. Luling, population 5,458, has more than a third of its residents speaking Spanish at home.

Only a tiny minority of each town is of African or Sub-Saharan African "first ancestry".

Odds on the criminal being Mexican?

Diversity is strength...or in this case, rape and robbery.

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