As Expected, McConnell Starts Obamnesty Surrender Process: Here's Why
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RIP gop

H/T One Old Vet

The Hill reports McConnell ready to move ‘clean’ bill to avert Homeland Security shutdown by Alexander Bolton 2/24/15
Days before a shutdown of the critical agency, McConnell said he would “be happy" to pass a clean DHS funding bill before the Senate considers a narrow measure overturning President Obama’s most recent executive actions on immigration…

The majority leader said Tuesday that he could agree to first allow a vote on a bill funding the Homeland Security agency…

McConnell had previously agreed to drop language that also sought to overturn Obama’s 2012 executive actions on immigration. That language was included in a bill that approved the House.

Once the DHS is funded to implement Obamnesty, of course, all leverage will have been thrown away. A separate bill to strip funding back out will be vetoed and the veto not overridden. It would be just a gesture which is no doubt why West Virginia Democrat Senator Manchin has said he will vote for it.


I commend two excellent analyses of the situation: The Cave Has Begun by Gaston Mooney Conservative Review February 24th 2014

The McConnell plan is designed to allow Senate Republicans to go back to their constituents saying they voted against executive amnesty, without really having to take a stand against it…

Congress is a co-equal branch of government. Congress has the power to stop the president’s executive amnesty; it is just a matter of willpower.

Also Mitch McConnell is folding like a cheap suit By Strieff RedState February 24th 2015
The issue facing Congress on the Department of Homeland Security budget is not trivial. What is at stake is nothing less than the issue of separation of powers. The Constitution…gives Congress and Congress alone power to regulate immigration and naturalization. What Obama is doing is not a coincidence. He arrogated to himself the power to decide when Congress was actually in session. The EPA, FCC, and other federal agencies have worked overtime cutting into the authority of Congress…

The decision facing Congress is very simple and very stark. Will it allow Obama to make decisions that only the Congress is allowed to make? Or will it make a stand in defense of the Constitution?


Why would any normal politicians so incense their supporters by acquiescing in a transformational measure certain to destroy their party’s election chances quite quickly and very permanently? Don’t they want to defeat Obama and the Democrats?

Please refer to Why Has GOP Leadership Spurned Base, Election And Constitution? Severe ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder)!

Pat Caddell’s lethal GOP donor/base split is deafening.

Idea for McConnell and the rest of the GOP “leadership”: for a symbolic vote, IMPEACH!


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