As America Crumbles, Australian Courts Try To Destroy Their Country Too
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The federal government of what used to be the United States of America now openly sides with illegal invaders against its own despised citizens.  However, on the other side of the Anglosphere, Australia under its brave leader Tony Abbott is actually taking a strong stand against mass immigration.

Unfortunately, the usual suspects — the courts, the media, the international organizations, and the "activist" parasites who benefit from Third World immigration — are all working hard to make sure Australia joins the procession towards the Death of the West.

The Australian government's attempt to return 153 asylum seekers to Sri Lanka has been blocked by the high court.

The move comes after Australia confirmed on Monday it had returned 41 people to Sri Lanka after screening their asylum claims at sea on Sunday.

Politicians and rights campaigners say the asylum seekers, who include Tamils, could face persecution back home.

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised to get tough with refugees.

The interim injunction will prevent the Australian government from returning the 153 asylum seekers until Tuesday afternoon, when the matter is set to be heard in the high court, ABC News reports.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged on Monday that a boat-load of 41 people had been handed back to Sri Lanka, while not commenting on the fate of a second boat reportedly carrying about 150 people.


He said they were transferred at sea just outside the Sri Lankan port of Batticaloa on Sunday. "All persons intercepted and returned were subjected to an enhanced screening process," he said.

[Australia court blocks migrants' return to Sri Lanka, BBC, July 7, 2014]

On Twitter (hashtag #auspol) and around the Internet are the usual cries of "human rights" and "international obligations," which apparently mean that Australia belongs to everyone except the Europeans who created it. Not surprisingly, there seems to be no pressure on Sri Lanka itself, where these "refugees" (supposedly Tamils) will meet persecution.  Sri Lanka is probably just relieved to find suckers to whom they can export their problems.

Underlying all of the debate in Australia is the same moral premise that guides the mainstream media in this country — whenever anyone anywhere in the world suffers, we have to find some way to pin it on Europeans or their descendents.  To claim Third Worlders are moral agents in their own right would just be racist.

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