Arrogant Illegal Raymond Partolan Shows Why Trump MUST End DACA
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It looks like immigration patriots have been snookered.  We should have known once it was confirmed that Kris Kobach was not nominated for any post in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), much less Secretary, all apparently due to obstructionism by John McCain and others in the Senate.  Kobach should have been the Secretary nominee.  Kobach knows the issues and is great in speeches and in public debate.  General Kelly is looking to be even more of a disappointment as he has been absent from the public debate.

Worse yet, Reince Priebus has stated that no action will be taken by President Trump on the illegal and unconstitutional Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) despite promises to revoke the DACA orders immediately.

President Trump has no immediate plans to use his executive powers to undo the Obama administration’s order that protects some young illegal immigrants known as “dreamers,” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus made clear Sunday, in previewing the new administration’s first full week.
“I think we’re going to work with the House and Senate leadership, as well as to get a long-term solution on that issue,” Priebus told “Fox News Sunday.” “I'm not going to make any commitments to you, but … I'm obviously foreshadowed there a little bit.”
[Priebus Hints Trump Has No Immediate Plan To End Obama's DACA For Young Illegals, Seeks Long-Term Fix, Fox News, January 22, 2017]
To confirm that, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), enemies of the Trump Administration, are continuing to process and award illegal benefits to DACA applicants.
Applications from so-called Dreamers seeking to renew their immigration status and work permits are being processed normally, despite President Donald Trump's repeated claims that the program set up by President Barack Obama is illegal, a government spokesman said Monday.
A spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services told POLITICO Monday that there was no immediate change to how the agency handles applications and renewals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Obama set up in 2012. "We are still accepting/processing DACA requests under existing policy," USCIS spokesman Steve Blando said Monday.
[Trump Administration Signals No Immediate Reversal On Dreamer Program, by Josh Gernstein, Politico, January 23 2017]
Continuing DACA and working for a so-called permanent solution, other than deportation, is the height of folly.  There is no one who will vote for Trump or Republicans based on this issue.  The DACA recipients are especially hate-filled toward President Trump and the Republican Party.

Nor are DACA recipients the economic benefit that is claimed on their behalf.  Few are employed in the private sector in productive jobs.  Most are in the political organizing business, working to defeat Trump and Republicans.  Many are even either mentally-ill transsexuals or homosexuals with violent tendencies that I reported on recently.

Most, despite claims to being "Americans," are obsessed with the homes they left many years ago.  As an example I give you Raymond Partolan, an illegal alien from the Philippines, who claims to be an "undocumented American."  Despite coming here as an infant, he is motivated and admiring of minor Philippino politicians that no "American" should have ever heard about.

I was born on June 3, 1993 at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City, the most populous city in the Philippines, and one of the cities that comprise Metro Manila, the National Capital Region of the country. The city was named after the late President Manuel Quezon, a gifted pianist, a brilliant lawyer, and what many would call a “People’s President.” Having grown up in a family that was not very wealthy, but had enough to live by, he connected with the poor working classes of the Philippines. Today, I identify with President Quezon’s desire to connect with people who have struggled.
[My Story, by Raymond Partolan, Outside The Shadows Blog, undated]
And Partolan hates Donald John Trump. He retweeted this attack on President Trump:

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And here he is claiming to be an American:


As with most illegal aliens, his story is full of holes.  He claims to have entered the United States as the dependant of his father, an H-1B visa holder employed as a physical therapist.

My father gave up his dreams of going to Medical School because he had been advised that, at the time, it was much easier for Physical Therapists to immigrate to the United States than physicians. As he sorted through the various immigration hurdles, I lived my first few months on this Earth in the Philippines. He was able to secure an H-1B “Skilled Worker” Visa for legal entry into the United States. My mother and I, as dependents, were issued H-4 Visas.
In September of 1994, fifteen months after my birth, my family would uproot itself, taking only enough clothes for each of us to wear for no more than a week or two, packed into two suitcases. We flew nonstop from Manila, Philippines to Detroit, Michigan, never again to return. We left both sets of my grandparents, the rest of my supportive extended family, and stability for the promise of a better life. Our lives would change forever.
But there are some gaping holes in his family story.  H-1B non-immigrant visa holders are sponsored by a particular employer in a particular place.
For a few months, we lived out of our suitcases floating around from guest bedroom to guest bedroom–from New York City with my mother’s cousin to Baltimore, Maryland with a family friend to St. Louis, Missouri with my mother’s uncle–and finally settled in Macon, Georgia, a small city about an hour-and-a-half south of Atlanta. We went wherever my father’s work took us. For some time, we lived in Waycross, Georgia on the southeastern coast of the state and Warner Robins, just south of Macon. Then, when I was in the Second Grade, we finally settled for good in Macon.
This story makes no sense.  If Partolan pere was legitimately employed as an H-1B visa holder, he would have had a full-time position with a single employer in a single place.  This moving around suggests that Partolan pere fraudulently obtained his H-1B visa, then moved around frequently, which is impossible to do legally, as changing employers is a time consuming process.  Most likely was that the original employer was fraudulent or went out of business, and Partolan pere had to find unscrupulous or ignorant employers to accept his H-1B visa and paperwork at face value.

Partolan also lets slip that his mother was illegally employed, as an H-4 visa holder is not permitted to be employed.

We lived a comfortable life. My father was rapidly moving up the ranks as a Physical Therapist. My mother was raising me and my younger brother (born in 1997, four years after me) and working various odd jobs from time to time. As the turn of the millennium, we were ready to take the next step towards staying in the United States and making it our permanent home. We closed on a house on the west side of Bibb County in 2003–I was ten years old and in the fifth grade.
He then states his father applied legal permanent residency and Partolan pere, despite having two college degrees, been promoted in his work, and living in the United States more than 10 years, cannot pass a simple spoken English language test.
My father studied diligently. He passed three of the four sections with flying colors–the reading, writing, and listening sections. After multiple attempts, he continued to fail the speaking section by very small margins, just barely missing the requisite score that he needed. My father speaks English fluently. He has a thick Filipino accent that, sometimes, makes him difficult to understand, but he never had any challenges communicating with his patients. Eventually, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (legacy INS) denied our applications for Green Cards.
If you speak English fluently, then you can pass the test easily.  If you don't speak it fluently, then you fail.  Could it more likely have been that the fraud was discovered and denied for that?

Of course, we never get any explanation on why the family did not leave when their application was denied.  No, just an arrogant demand that illegal aliens be accommodated.

And more importantly, Partolan wants to join the Treason Bar and aid other illegal aliens:

I had dreams of going to Law School, becoming an immigration attorney, and helping other immigrants, like myself, who had been through similar situations.
There is no benefit to America, American workers, President Trump, or the Republican Party for any action to be taken to benefit illegal aliens like Raymond Partolan.  I hope Jefferson Beauregard Sessions or Rush Limbaugh can get to Trump and warn him off this foolishness.  No good can come of it for Trump or America.
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