Arizona's SB 1070 Would Play Well In California
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Recently, we noted that Rasmussen Reports' polling has found that voters now cite "immigration" as an important issue more than ever before—it's fifth on Rasmussen's list of top ten issues. (Above it are "The Economy" and "The War On Terror", both of which obviously have an immigration dimension—an anti-unemployment immigration moratorium; border security) And we've noted that polls show high levels of public support across the country for Arizona's SB1070 law.

Rasmussen has now announced that this is so even in California. Some 44% of Californians would support a similar law in their state, essentially neck and neck with the 48% who oppose it and remarkable in the face of the extreme elite hysteria in California. And an overwhelming majority of Republicans would support the law, something that appears to have dawned on Steve Poizner in his race for GOP gubernatorial nomination.

So much the innumerate notion that Hispandering is the GOP's only option in California—although its advocates have long shown they are impervious to facts or logic.

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