Arizona House of Representatives: What are these folks smoking?
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There's good news and bad news from the "Grand Canyon State." The House just approved a bill requiring that the American flag be displayed in every classroom in all public school, university and college classrooms to "remind students of the sacrifices made in the name of freedom." Very smart - and thoughtful. (One hopes this gesture will soon be followed by meaningful curriculum changes aimed at emphasizing civic responsibility, the mechanics of our government and deep immersion in our history.) On the same day the flag bill was approved, however, this body of "lawmakers" shot down a bill that would have denied state funds to communities that provide "sanctuary" to illegals in violation of federal law. Very, very dumb.

"Opponents said making local police inquire about people's immigration status would make it harder for officers to maintain trust and investigate violent crime in immigrant communities, because fewer migrants would cooperate for fear of being sent back home. "

Oh, sure, there are volumes of evidence nationally that support the claim there is a "close working relationship and trust" between illegal aliens and folks carrying badges and pistols. Memo to Arizona students: The next time you look at an American flag, be it in your classroom or wherever, give some thought to Sgt. Howard P. Allen of Mesa, who is among the more than 2,300 Americans who have died in the service of their country since we invaded Iraq in March 2003. Remember, too, that his (and their) "sacrifice" was made in order that foreigners could enter this country illegally and live virtually undisturbed in certain of your state's cities and towns.

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