"Apple, Twitter and Tech’s Middle-Aged White Guy Problem"
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From Yahoo Finance:
Apple, Twitter and Tech’s Middle-Aged White Guy Problem 
By Lauren Lyster | Daily Ticker – Thu, Oct 24, 2013 11:00 AM EDT 
Anyone who watched the Apple (AAPL) keynote this week (if you’re me) couldn’t help but notice that it was a parade of middle-aged white guys who came on stage to reveal the company’s latest and greatest. 
And Twitter, ahead of it’s planned IPO next month, has come under fire for the makeup of its board of directors: all white men. The executive team isn’t much better (all men except for the general counsel). 
And lest it seems like we’re picking on Twitter and Apple, the lack of women and minorities in leadership and director roles at tech companies is a broader problem.

You might think that the fact that the leadership team assembled by Steve Jobs in his second tenure at Apple—one of the most successful in the history of American business—was all middle-aged white guys might raise questions about the dominant assumption, but it never seems to. (Also, the Twitter guys seem to be really good at doing whatever it is that Twitter does.)

But the more evidence that piles up, the more automatic becomes the opposite inference, no matter how it implausible it seems when you try to put it into words: Apple would be so much more successful if it weren't for all those stale pale males that Jobs put together.
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