"Racism" Vs. Treason: RightWingWatch Doesn't Get It, But John Derbyshire Does!
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Brian Tashman [twitter] of RightWingWatch read VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow’s recent speech "Hitler's Revenge" And Donor Riots: Why Americans Aren't Allowed To Talk About Immigration, and was surprised and startled to find that Peter had had a column rejected by WorldNetDaily.

Apparently reading Brimelow speeches is Tashman's actual job, so he's always looking for things that will surprise and startle him. He starts with this Brimelow quotation:

My personal view is that the counter to the charge of racism is the charge of treason. What these people are doing is treason: they intend to destroy the historic American nation as it had evolved to 1965.

However, I wrote a column a couple of weeks ago saying this which was rejected as too extreme by WND—a considerable feat!

And doesn't attempt to refute it but goes on in typical Leftist point-and-splutter style:

A “considerable feat” indeed.


What is in this too-crazy-for-WND column?


Brimelow argues that Democrats’ supposed support of an “invasion” and “colonization” of the US by non-white immigrants is treason because it reduces the percentage of the white population.


Hard to believe that WND, which has published Brimelow’s columns previously and is the home of anti-immigrant writers such as Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo and Jerome Corsi (who peddle the same fears about the death of White America and the GOP), would find anything wrong with this column.

Peter Brimelow: 'Too Extreme For WND',

Submitted by Brian Tashman on Thursday, 10/24/2013 1:55 pm

If you read Tashman's quotations, by the way, he's removed all the links we put in with such care by pasting the piece as plain text. I've left his links in.

Tashman obviously doesn't get it about treason: even if race weren't the big deal it certainly is, there are millions of citizens of Mexico illegally on American soil—and that puts many of the Leftists and  professional Hispanics clamoring for amnesty and against enforcement in the position of Vidkun Quisling.

That's why the article that WND didn't want (for whatever reason, on their part) was called Thinking About The King Kerfuffle: The Answer To False Charges Of "Racism" Is The (Truthful) Charge Of Treason.

John Derbyshire was skeptical of the idea calling this treason, but he's come around. This is from, not the most recent Radio Derb, but the previous one, available to be listened to at TakiMag, or at about 19:14 on the MP3:

Yes, it's treason.     Look, Obamacare is a horrible mess: ramping up costs, adding new layers of bureaucracy, and transferring yet more wealth from the middle classes to the elites and their underclass allies. Classic class conflict: the top and the bottom united against the middle.

Obama's plans on immigration are the real nation-killer, though; legalizing twelve to twenty million foreign scofflaws, and opening wide the doors to thirty or fifty million more.

My colleague Peter Brimelow calls it treason. I've been reluctant to take up that word in the immigration context. It seemed hyperbolic to me. I'm coming to think it's correct, though.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates claim that in a nation of three hundred million, which spends more per capita on education that any other country in the world, they can't find computer programmers to staff their cubes? I say they're lying. They want cheap foreign labor to maximize their profits. They want to shut out American workers. It's treason.

Agribusiness claims crops are rotting in the fields because they can't get Americans to harvest them? Here's what I say to that: If a farmer can't run his business within the law — if he can't harvest his crops without flouting the people's laws, passed by the people's representatives in Congress — then let him go out of business, and damn good riddance to him. In fact, let the bastard go to jail. He's committing treason.

Barack Obama told a Chambers of Commerce gathering on September 18th that converting illegal aliens into citizens will, quote: "add potentially a trillion dollars to our economy."

Let's imagine that's true, just for the sake of some arithmetic here. It's been a settled opinion among labor economists for twenty years that in a modern welfare-state economy, the only people who benefit from immigration are the immigrants. It does nothing for the native-born.

OK, let's test that with Obama's "potentially a trillion dollars." The Center for Immigration Studies has projected that the Gang of Eight bill, once passed, would add 17.3 million new legal, voting-age U.S. residents to the population by 2036. Let's suppose that those 17.3 million do indeed, as Obama said, make us a trillion dollars richer. A trillion divided by 17.3 million is 58,000. So we've got a ton of new people, and 58,000 dollars a head to pay them, educate their children, attend to their health care, and supply them with social security. I say we'll be lucky to break even there.

The U.S.A. has all the people we need. With half the people we have now we won a tremendous war, built the interstate highway system, put men on the moon, and dazzled the world with out popular culture.

Income for working- and middle-class Americans has been flatlining since the early 1970s — just when the 1965 Immmigration Act began to kick in. Don't Americans get it? We're being displaced, and re-placed. The elites are electing another people.

I'm sick of these treason lobbies: the billionaire businessmen who prefer cheap foreigners to their own countrymen, the race lobbies rubbing their hands with glee as the founding population of this country dwindles to a minority, the sneering politicians telling us how lazy and useless we are, how we need to be enriched with the fabulous diversity of Third World sinkholes like Haiti and Pakistan. It's nation-killing. Yes, it's treason.

Ted Cruz and his insurgents would have served their country better if instead of betting the house on defunding Obamacare, they had saved their chips for the more important fight: the fight to preserve the American middle class against the crushing forces, applied from above and below, of economic disempowerment and demographic replacement.

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