Jerry Brown Steamed at DREAM Act Blowback
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California Governor Jerry Brown was not pleased to be questioned about the public’s negative reaction to his recent creation of a new entitlement for illegal aliens, shown in the video below.

Brown has been very generous to illegal aliens of late; see the Latin American Herald Tribune’s story: California Enacts Slew of Immigrant-Friendly Laws for a list.

However, the tuition giveaway hits home in a way that more distant goodies (e-verify disallowed, no confiscation of illegal alien vehicles) do not. Parents who have scrimped and saved the tens of thousands of dollars required for even a state university education now see that lawbreakers will take college slots and cash that should go to their kids. That’s personal, and the parents are furious.

A new IBD/TIPP poll found that 69 of Americans oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. The escalation to taxpayer-paid financial aid for illegals during a time of severe cutbacks is over the line for many parents.

Leader of the resistance Assemblyman Tim Donnelly reported on the John and Ken radio show October 12 [Listen, starting at 3:30] that his office can’t keep up with all the people who want to volunteer — over 5000 at that time. However, it takes up to two weeks for the Attorney General to approve the specific title and summary language on the printed petitions, so there is some breathing room before signature gathering can begin.

You can sign up to help on the referendum website

Here’s Jerry, talking like there are unlimited funds for student aid, which completely untrue.

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