Another Victory For Immigration Reform
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By a vote of 261 to 161, Congress overwhelmingly passed HR 418 the REAL ID ACT.

    HR 418:

  • Gives immigration enforcement officers and judges additional tools to expeditiously deport illegal aliens
  • Expedites the construction of a security fence along the U.S.-Mexico border
  • Sets minimum standards for Driver's Licenses and identification cards (i.e. U.S. Citizens only)

In a press release from Team America:

"Today, the House of Representatives took a small step toward keeping faith with the families of victims of September 11th by acting to implement what are perhaps the most important recommendations that the 9/11 Commission made," said Tancredo, chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. "This bill today represents possibly the most significant improvement of border security and immigration law in nearly a decade." 42 Democrats crossed the aisle to lend their support for this much needed security bill. 8 Republicans voted against HR 418. Click here to see the roll call.

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