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Buster The Rabbit Goes Among the Hmong [A Reader] - 02/11/05

I read your articles re the Wisconsin Hmong and noticed this TV listing for today's (Feb 11) 'Postcards from Buster' children's show 'Among the Hmong'

Buster the Rabbit visits Madison, Wisconsin.  (Before or after the shooting??)

We met the Vang family—all ten of them! They all live in one house. And there are even more relatives who live nearby. As a matter of fact, they have their own street. It's called Vang Lane!

Interesting show.  Buster goes to all kinds of places...East Los Angeles, CA....Guanajuato, GTO, MEX

An Illegal Alien Gangmaster In Action In The U.S.  [Peter Brimelow] - 02/11/05

A reader provides this example of an (Israeli) illegal alien "gangmaster" in action. [Mall kiosk probe ends in Israelis' deportation, by Cindy Gonzalez, Omaha World-Herald, February 8, 2005)

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