Another Stupid Christmas Poll
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A UK organization called CommunicateResearch conducted a poll (which was subsequently released by Theos, a theology think tank) about the spirit of Christmas...well, I think that was the topic.

In any event, it seems "8 out of 10 people think that celebrating the birth of Christ is still an important part of Christmas."

[Spirit of Christmas is alive and well, new poll reveals Source: Black UK News Online]

Perhaps I'm a stickler for detail but if I were conducting this poll there would only have been two questions:

1. Do you think celebrating the birth of Christ is an important part of Christmas? If no, proceed to Question #2 2. What the heck do you think Christmas should celebrate? The Great Pumpkin?

Merry Christmas, my beloved readers!

(And by "Christmas" I am referring to the holiday for which we celebrate the birth of Christ...handsome guy, God's son, wanted to save us from our sins, ended up nailed to a tree. You know,'ll come to you.)

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