ANOTHER MSM/Drudge $PLC Bashing! Here's My Hypothesis.
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Yesterday in Official! Drudge, Weekly Standard Decide Kosher To Attack $PLC’s Finances. (But Why Now?) I noted the strange fact that all of a sudden attacks on the $outhern Poverty Law Center have started to appear in a certain segment of the respectable Media, and to be publicized by the Drudge Report.

This is important because of Drudge’s immense hitting power. Also because despite the $PLC being a public disgrace and a danger to the Republic for years Drudge appears to have carried only a handful of links to its nefarious activities, mostly from this year, none earlier than 2013.

Today Drudge picked up yet another attack, by Megan McArdle in Bloomberg: Southern Poverty Law Center Gets Creative to Label 'Hate Groups' September 8, 2017

This documents that many of the outfits classified as ‘Hate Groups’ by the $PLC are in fact only mildly dissident from current orthodoxy. McArdle uses the Ruth Institute

 ...a small nonprofit that thinks the sexual revolution was a giant mistake
as a case study, concluding
If misspeaking in a radio interview, quoting the Vatican and promoting articles like these on your nonprofit’s blog are what now earn a spot alongside the Klan on a list of hate groups, then it may be time for the Southern Poverty Law Center to close up shop, because their work is largely done.

Unfortunately the center's hate group designation remains extremely influential. Recently, a payment servicer cut off the Ruth Institute because of that "hate group" label.

McArdle then goes on to associate herself with the economic motivation thesis for the $PLC’s depredations:
…the SPLC has a perfect right to decide what they mean by “hate group.”

Unfortunately, it also has an incentive to apply this term broadly. When people see that the SPLC lists over 900 hate groups — 900! — this seems like good reason to panic. And maybe write a check to the SPLC.

Even fairly large institutions that theoretically have ample resources to investigate the SPLC’s list often rely on it, to their detriment.

She concludes
Given the increasing tendency of powerful tech companies to flex their muscle against hate groups, we may see more and more institutions unwittingly turned into critics or censors, not just of Nazi propaganda, but also of fairly mainstream ideas.
Of course, McArdle could have written this column anytime in the past 15 years and more. These sorts of facts have been around a long time. Why now? And much more to the point, why has the notoriously top-down edited Bloomberg decided to run it?

The more I think about this the more I think my hypothesis of last night is correct: the Neoconservatives are worried that hard left elements in the $PLC are about to turn the outfit against Zionism. This would be rational in view of  their general animosity towards national identity and ethnic particularism, and put them in line with the non-US Left generally.

But it would be awkward for fundraising. As Peter Brimelow said in 2005

…doesn't everyone know the SPLC is just a shakedown scam that preys on the elderly, Holocaust-haunted rich?

Ever since I started documenting the $PLC cash mountain in 2009 I have been puzzling over the question: what is the point of it?  Benefiting personally from the resources of a 501(c)(3) beyond ordinary compensation levels is extremely difficult to do.

Previously I wondered whether the $PLC management planned ultimately to retire, cut back on operations and live off their resources, a strategy not unknown with non-profits.

But now I see that a planned turn against Zionism, which certainly would shut off the bulk of their donation income, mandates the stocking up of a war chest.

And it explains why attacking the $PLC has suddenly become Kosher.

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