Another GOP Guest Worker Program Sighting?
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While I was analyzing President Obama's recent immigration speech, concluding contrary to the conventional wisdom that he's really serious, I noted that the appalling Karl Rove had devoted most of his response to touting the need for a "guest worker" program.

Now I see Newt Gingrich also cited the need for a "guest worker" program in his interview with Greta van Susteren on Saturday.

This is no coincience, comrades. Of course, it's electoral madness to propose a guest worker program in the midst of record unemployment. The GOP's corporate donors must be very insistent. Obviously, the word has gone out, and the chain jerked.

One good thing about corporate donors: they really are totally selfish and short-sighted. Thus I was delighted to see that Colorado horse heiress Helen Krieble instantly threw her Hispanic allies over the side when I asked her in 2009 how her pet guest worker plan could be reconciled with the "citizen child" clause—which, as currently interpreted, means guest workers' U.S.-born children are technically citizens and thus potential voters for the ethnic lobbies.

Now more than ever, birthright citizenship looms as decisive battle.

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