A World Cup Prediction
Thumb sailer
July 04, 2010, 05:04 AM
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Here are the upcoming World Cup soccer semifinals:
Uruguay vs. Netherlands - Jul 6 11:30am (PT) on ESPN
Germany vs. Spain - Jul 7 11:30am (PT) on ESPN

Let me make a prediction: somehow, some way, some American soccerati pundits are going to cite this as Another Triumph of Diversity for soccer in contrast to xenophobic, nativist, redneck, racist American sports like football. I don`t know how they will do it, but they`ll do it.

(And if the Final turns out to be Netherlands v. Germany, then they`ll just redouble their efforts!)

Seriously, in today`s mental climate, it`s very hard for American soccer fans to notice and express, even in the privacy of their own minds, that soccer is a white-dominated sport.