Another Day, Another White Guy Fired (By A Cowardly Republican) For A Facebook Post
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The picture above Aaron Schock, [R-Illinois] the guy who got fired is Benjamin Cole.

"I am extremely disappointed by the inexcusable and offensive online comments made by a member of my staff," Schock (pictured) told the Illinois newspaper. "I would expect better from any member of my team. Upon learning about them, I met with Mr. Cole and he offered his resignation."

According to Buzzfeed and ThinkProgress, Cole wrote on his Facebook page that he thought, "They should build a mosque on White House grounds." He also wrote in the comments of that post that "It would be nice for the President to have his own house of worship, since he's not been able to find one suitable in DC since 2004 when he moved here."

Rep. Aaron Schock's Communications Director Resigned, By Daniel Strauss, TPM,February 5, 2015

By the way, those comments are from the past—they don't refer to Obama's savagely Christophobic comments at the National Prayer Breakfast, commented on Patrick Cleburne and Brenda Walker here. There's a lot of sanctimony from TPM about weird people who think Obama is a Muslim.
At the time, 18 percent of Americans believed Obama, who is a practicing Christian, was a Muslim. The myth that Obama adhered to Islam seems to have stemmed from the fact that Obama's father was Muslim and then gained steam among conservative media personalities who repeatedly tied the President to Islam.
As far as I can determine, Obama has no actual religious beliefs, but is nominally a Christian, was sworn in (twice!) on a Bible, and read from the Bible at a Memorial Service in Tucson.

However, he isn't much of a churchgoer since he threw Reverend Wright under the campaign bus, and as I wrote in 2010,

As the natural son of one Muslim (Barack Sr.) and the adoptive son of another (Lolo Soetoro), Obama was raised in , and travelled to Muslim countries as a youth. There he went to Muslim schools, where he was considered a Muslim, and practiced Islam, eating Halal foods, observing the Muslim Sabbath, attending Muslim divine services.
Frankly, if Islam were a "white racist" group (which in some countries it is, by the way—white Arabs, black slaves) there's no way a President with that much of it in his past could get away with "myth". There's also some talk of Cole referring to the street people outside his DC window as "animals" but that's nonsense, too:
The news website reported that one post, which included a video of a woman who appeared to be arguing with someone off-screen, read "so apparently the closing of the National Zoo has forced the animals to conduct their mating rituals on my street. #gentrifytoday Pt. 1."

The race of the woman is unclear in the screenshot.

A second post reportedly read "#gentrifytoday Pt. 3. This is where she finds another glass bottle, and breaks it on their stoop to use as a weapon." The race of the woman is also unclear from that screenshot.

Then there's this:
In a more recent post dated Jan. 29, Cole allegedly described an experience he had with a black police officer when he went to file an assault report against a black woman he said threw an elbow at him on the street.

"'Do you have a problem talking to me?' That's what the Black Metro police officer said to me when he began asking me to explain what happened," Cole wrote, according to a screenshot of the post obtained by ThinkProgress

So Cole is physically assaulted by one black, then treated with racial contempt by a DC black police officer. The racism is that he noticed it.

But it's another case of Republican cowardice and huge double standards—do you have any idea of the kind of hate black Congressional staffers post on their Social Media accounts about white cops? See  Why Do Only Whites Lose Jobs Over Racial Remarks? for a historical retrospective of this kind of sacrifice.


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