Another Day, Another Black-On-Black Murder In Baltimore—And "Liberalism" Isn't What Caused It
August 09, 2017, 12:49 PM
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The murder of Wadell Tate was particularly “senseless,” as they say, even by Baltimore’s standards. Some thug bludgeoned the 97-year-old World War II vet to death in the home he refused to leave in a very bad neighborhood. He had lived there since 1956, raising a family and working hard.

Of course, the chances of his murderers being white are zero to none, and the heartrending story of this black fellow, murdered in the City That Bleeds, invites an observation about a recurring falsehood peddled by the neocons and their friends in Conservatism, Inc.

Dan Bongino, the Republican retired Secret Service and failed Congressional candidate, said it again the other day:

Not entirely“The same type of politics, far-left liberal ideology has run the city since the 1930s,” the former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer remarked.

He explained that it has been that long since the city had a Republican city councilman.

Baltimore's vain hope for a “nobody kill anybody” weekend was shattered when two men aged 24 and 37 were fatally shot within hours of each other.

Community leaders like Erricka Bridgeford led the peace movement from the streets, scheduling events like cookouts, poetry readings, prayer vigils, and basketball tournaments.

But “far-left ideology” is not responsible for murder in Charm City. Blacks are.

As I have observed before, the problem in Baltimore is this: Blacks took over the city and leftist blacks now run it. However “far-left” the city’s white Democrats were as recently as the 1960s, when they still ran it, they didn’t put up with black criminality. Nor did Republicans such as Spiro Agnew. Now, Republicans make excuses.

And what accounts for low crime rates in such places as Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash., and the Scandinavian countries — before the Islamic colonization — which aren’t exactly known as bastions of the free market and limited government.

We all know the answer.


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