Another Caravan Gathers on Mexico’s Southern Border and "They Come for Revenge"
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Yet another caravan is forming on the Guatemalan side of the Mexican border.  (See here for what happened to the previous caravans). 

From el Heraldo de México:  

Approximately 1000 Central Americans await more persons on the border between Mexico and Guatemala, to organize a caravan to cross the Suchiate River.
[Mil migrantes se concentran en el río Suchiate; quieren entrar a México ("A Thousand Migrants Concentrate on the suchiate River. They Want to Enter Mexico.") Heraldo de México, February 2, 2020]

The caravan was organized in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, from whence it departed on January 31st, with only 170 persons.  But by means of Whatsapp, the caravan was able to bring in more caravanners from El Salvador and Nicaragua.  So small groups were arriving until they formed a caravan of 1000, as of February 2. 

" 'They come for revenge', added activist Luis Garcia Villagran, who said that many of those deported in the first caravan of 2020 return to the border with every intention of confronting the National Guard... " 

The caravan plans to enter on Monday the 3rd. 





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