Another Becky Named Amy Gets Fired for Racial Badthink in Hollywood
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From Fox Business:

Paramount TV president fired over ‘racially charged’ comments

By Jade Scipioni Published July 20, 2018

Paramount has fired the head of its television division, Amy Powell, after complaints rolled in that she made inappropriate and “racially charged” comments during a conference call.

Advice to corporate executives: In 2018, don’t make conference calls.

While Gianopulos’ memo did not elaborate on the nature of Powell’s statements beyond saying that they were “inconsistent with company values,” a source did tell Variety that she made racially charged statements about “black women being angry” for various reasons during a conference call about the “First Wives” series.

Okay, so the executives were discussing an upcoming Diverse tv show based on Paramount’s 1996 hit movie comedy “First Wives Club” in which divorced women plot vengeance on their ex-husbands and their new bimbos, but this time with a black cast. The black lady screenwriter who wrote last year’s hit movie comedy “Girls’ Trip” had been hired to run the show.

All this fulfills the Diversity mandate and makes good business sense — get a hot screenwriter to revive your unused intellectual property — so what could possibly go wrong?

The call was with series producer Karen Rosenfelt and a handful of others, including an African-American assistant to another Paramount TV executive, who reportedly complained to studio leaders about the reference, Variety said.

Well, apparently, the white lady CEO had some “racially charged” notes to offer on this racially charged show. The public hasn’t been told what they were, other than, yet again, a black assistant listening in on the conference call thought it would be a good idea to make a big stink about them.

If Corporate America is supposed to make more and more Diverse products, but white corporate executives are not supposed to express in words any opinions on how to make them better, what should be done?

Perhaps executives should avoid all conference calls on anything Diversity-related and only communicate with trusted yes-men in face-to-face meetings?

But what if some underling is wearing a wire (i.e., carrying a smartphone set to record)?

Perhaps executives should avoid speech all together and only communicate via grunts and gestures?

No, clearly, the only practical solution is for all white executives to be fired and replaced by Diverse executives.

By the way, this is at least the second high-ranking Becky named Amy P. to get fired in Hollywood for “racially charged” remarks. Amy Pascal, head of Sony pictures, got fired when the purported “North Korean hack” revealed her exchanging a few lame jokes about the President’s taste in movies. Once again, this is more evidence that white women don’t have many Intersectional Pokemon Points in 2018.

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