Anna Merlan Still Not Putting “Professional Journalistic Correction” In Her UVA Rape Post
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It's interesting that she accuses us of being Holocaust deniers (we're not) since even the SPLC doesn't call us that. Could it be that a Holocaust denying group was mentioned on the same page as a recent SPLC attack? It wouldn't be the weirdest mistake Leftists have made in smearing people they think of as racists. Jared Taylor had an MSM news source smear him by association with Jared Lee Loughner because they had the same first name.

However, no matter how hateful we are or aren't, her original blog post, which I'll remind you was called "'Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax?' Asks Idiot" [Jezebel, December 1, 2014] still contains one minor correction down at the bottom ("This is what a professional journalistic correction looks like...") but no huge "this whole thing is wrong" correction at the top.

Even the Rolling Stone has done better—the URL where their erroneous story used to be [ ( link)] will redirect you to

Rolling Stone and UVA: The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Report

An anatomy of a journalistic failure

By Sheila Coronel, Steve Coll, Derek Kravitz April 5, 2015

Maybe if Merlan would stop worrying about whether her critics were hateful, and start thinking about whether she was wrong, she'd be a more "professional" journalist.

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