HBD At The Far Right Tail Of The Bell Curve: Math Competition Winners MOSTLY Asian, And ALL Male
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Last weekend’s Radio Derb included a segment on the Putnam competition for math undergraduates.  It makes a nice little study in Human Bio-Diversity (HBD).

The 75th William Lowell Putnam math competition for math undergraduates was held last December. Winners were just recently announced. Here they are.

The winning team was the one from MIT: Mitchell LeeZipei Nie, and David Yang.

The six highest ranking individuals, in alphabetic order: Ravi JagadeesanZipei NieMark Sellke,Bobby ShenDavid Yang, and Lingfu Zhang.

The next ten highest ranking individuals: Joshua BrakensiekCalvin DengOfer GrossmanAlbert GuBenjamin GunbyZhaorong JinMitchell LeeRay LiNat Sothanaphan, and Victor Wang.

I note that five of the top six individuals there were also, like the winning team, from MIT; so were five of the next ten ranked. So special congratulations to MIT, who are obviously doing something right in the math department.

And if you want to protest that there are no gyno-Americans in those select groups, nor any African Americans: Don't blame me, I just report the math news. Fire off an email to Eric Holder; I'm sure he'll send a team to investigate.

There I showed the top six individuals, who get awards of $2,500 each, and the next ten, who get $1,000 each.

Here are the next eleven, each of whom gets a $250 award. The order as before is alphabetic.

Michael Druggan (Carnegie Mellon); Malcolm Granville (Harvard); Eunsoo Jee, Yutao Liu, and Sammy Luo (all MIT); Daniel Spivak (University of Waterloo); Thomas Swayze (Carnegie Mellon); Anderson Wang (MIT); Donghao Wang (UC Berkeley); Hengyun Zhou and Tianyou Zhou (both MIT).

The big institutional winner here is MIT.  Congratulations again to them.

(Do Ice People totally own math?  No, not totally.  This is, after all, Homo sap. under discussion here, “out of which no straight thing was ever made.”)

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