Ann Coulter On Indians:"Indians Are A Great Warrior People, Like Southerners."
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Comanche scholar Dr. David Yeagley, who has often written for, interviews Ann Coulter:"I think of Ann as the Great White Woman—not to be confused with the Great White Buffalo Woman, of course. I think Ann represents that fundamental essence of America, and of being American, and I was anxious to obtain her thoughts."[Ann Coulter on Indians:The Great White Woman Speaks]

She makes a point that I've often meant to make here; the accusations that the invading white man is guilty of because ofthe deaths of the Indians from small-pox are nonsense. Those deaths predated the  germ theory of disease by two or three centuries. Semmelweis, Pasteur, and Lister worked in the nineteenth century—the Pilgrim Fathers came in the seventeenth century.

The worst thing that happened to the Indians in New England was that they had no immunity from European diseases like smallpox. Despite the claims of semi-retards like fake-Indian Ward Churchill, it is preposterous that this was done intentionally. Louis Pasteur didn't figure out how diseases were transmitted until the late 19th century. Even then, his discovery was met with skepticism. The settlers wouldn't have known enough about transmission of diseases to do it on purpose.

And she has a quote which may interest Steve Sailer fans:

Dr. Yeagley: How do you regard race, in general? Is it something to be honored and preserved, or something to 'overcome,' in the Communist (Leftist) sense of erasing all boundaries and borders of all kinds, psychological, physical, genetic, etc.?
Ann Coulter: Well, clearly not the latter. Vive la difference. Celebrate and cherish racial differences, but under American law, race should not confer special rights or burdens.
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